Advanced Vitrectomy system

Oertli OS 4

Making The Difference With Enhanced Versatility

The OS 4 surgical platform uses the laws of physics and fluidics to make eye surgery safer, easier and more efficient than it has ever been. 


The core piece of the device is the three-pump system with vacuum and flow control and the innovative SPEEP pump that ensures highly precise manoeuvres. 


All instruments are perfectly integrated into the system: cutting-edge LED technology provides for optimum visualisation, the continuous flow cutter ensures traction-free vitreous body removal, and the fully integrated 532 nm endo laser opens up new possibilities in laser control. Making the difference – with the OS 4 by Oertli.


The platform for all cases

The OS 4 by Oertli is a powerfully efficient all-in-one platform for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery. As a versatile and user-specific OR device, the OS 4 works as the extended hand of the surgeon and carries out his orders and intuitions perfectly.

SPEEP - speed and precision

The SPEEP pump* offers you more efficiency and precision in your cataract surgery through its precise control of flow and vacuum. With the SPEEP pump, you are given a highly effective tool for even easier, safer and more efficient work in your daily surgical routine.


Modulation according to the principle of the peristaltic pump

The power of fluidics

Fluidics can create excellent results, particularly in vitrectomy and in phaco surgery, provided one knows how to master fluidics. Oertli has proved itself as the innovative leader in this sector, which is best demonstrated by its SPEEP pump. 

The pump system is similar to the peristaltic pump, yet makes use of the advantages of vacuum control. In SPEEP pump, the vacuum is controlled by the surgeon while the flow is held within preset limits. 

This results in controlled holding power, high efficiency, optimum flow – and thus perfectly precise work in the anterior and posterior segments.

The powerful pedal

The wireless dual-linear OS 4 pedal provides surgeons with a highly sensitive and powerfully efficient control. The pedal comes close to being an ankle joint that absorbs all movements of your foot in a fatigue-free manner. 


Moreover, it is a reliable control centre with six auxiliary switches, and you can define their commands yourself. The modern multifunctional pedal allows comfortable and independent work while boasting intuitive navigation throughout all surgical steps. 


Boasting a runtime of up to 50 hours, the integrated high-performance batteries ensure sufficient efficiency for several working days.

Three-pump system for highest precision

The innovative pump technology with vacuum and flow control is the heart of the OS 4. The three-pump system does not only offer the advantages of a Venturi or a peristaltic pump but also boasts the unique SPEEP pump. 


The system ensures controlled flow and controlled vacuum at the same time. In their finest form, flow and vacuum become a dynamic tool ensuring unsurpassed precision in surgery. 


In the anterior segment, perfection is achieved by means of easyPhaco, in the posterior segment, the Caliburn trocar cannula system and the continuous flow cutter make perfection possible. 


Only one cassette is necessary for all functions and all pump systems, which facilitates and accelerates OR processes even further.

easyPhaco technology

By making use of fluidics technology, easyPhaco enables immediate aspiration of the lens material and ensures perfect followability. easyPhaco provides unsurpassed chamber stability, efficient fragment aspiration and perfect emulsification. 


The unique design of the tips ensure unsurpassed chamber stability, while at the same time, incredibly high holdability can be felt. Aspiration of fragments runs efficiently and without any repulsions. 


Due to its distinct manufacturing quality, the easyPhaco handpiece is incredibly robust and durable.

HFDS® for modern MIGS surgery

HFDS stands for High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy. In micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), HFDS creates direct access from the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal and further into the sclera. 


The resistance of the trabecular meshwork is thus bypassed. The HFDS glaucoma tip is inserted through 1.2 mm paracentesis and, by means of diathermy output, it creates six small sclerotomy pockets in the iridocorneal angle, ensuring improved outflow of aqueous fluid.

Simple and safe operation

Irrespectively of whether it is cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery or glaucoma surgery – interventions need to be performed safely, easily and efficiently. At the core of the OS 4 surgical platform therefore lies absolute user-friendliness. 


The 15-inch touchscreen reacts precisely, menu navigation is easy and intuitive, the surface is clearly arranged. This way, OR personnel can reliably and effectively assist the surgeon. 


User-friendly voice confirmations in five individually adjustable languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) ensure focused and autonomous work throughout the entire surgery. 


All connections are at the front and at the same operational height. The cassette is inserted automatically. Following a switch-on time of about 5 seconds, the system is ready for start.

Power LED technology

Good vision for the surgeon is essential in vitreoretinal surgery. At the same time, the eye should be strained as little as possible. The light sources that are used in eye surgery are LED, xenon, halogen and metal halide. 


Thanks to the new Power LED, the light output in the OS 4 has been increased by an additional 45 percent – for perfect illumination and visualisation during all manoeuvres, extending to the periphery.


The colour spectrum of the second light source – the Power LED Plus – is individually adjustable. Yellow and blue can be mixed easily and to any extent you desire. This brings about high-resolution contrast viewing where the finest tissue structures can be visualised.

Perfect laser integration

The OS 4 offers a fully integrated 532 nm endo laser of Swiss production. The laser is ready for operation within the shortest time possible and can be controlled directly by means of the dual-linear pedal. 


This does provide more user-friendliness, a simplified set-up and savings of space and time. Oertli offers a wide range of laser probes suited for the endo laser – straight, curved, directional and steerable. 


The new fully automated laser user protection filter enables active monitoring and ensures reliable eye protection during laser treatment at the microscope.

Accessories of unique qualit

As all Oertli devices, the OS 4 surgical platform is a closed system that does not only comprise perfectly suited instruments but also tailor-made device accessories. T


The large foldable instrument table offers a lot of space and can easily be put aside if you do not use it. The transparent protective cover ensures that the OS 4 is well protected from dust and dirt.


With the OS 4, everything that matches comes together. This applies to instruments to a particularly high degree. All instruments are optimally integrated into the surgical system. 


The hand pieces of high-quality titanium are ergonomic master achievements that demonstrate tailor-made perfection in every respect. The incredibly sharp Caliburn trocar systems ensure excellent wound tightness. And, easyPhaco is a success story for itself.

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