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Portable Lensometer is a robust ophthalmic device used to measure the lens quickly and accurately. User friendly interface, fast measurement, easy operation, high accuracy, makes it an ideal and reliable device to choose from many available alternatives.

Our Portable Lensometer machine is a durable, high functionality and low maintenance device and is highly known for offering precise and stable measurements. Manufactured using high-quality raw materials and latest technology, the device ensure efficiency at its best. We are Importer, Wholesaler & Supplier of I Optik TL 6800, in India.

Portable Lensometer - I Optik TL 6800

Product details

  • Hartmann sensor with 145 measurement points, ensures better result for progressive and multi-focus recognition and more accurate results
  • Green spectral measurement light source
  • Higher level hardware, good tracing performance of the optical system and faster measurement speed
  • Can measure lens of low transmittance rate (≥5%), sun glasses with dark color, tinted lens and polarized lens
  • UV measurement
  • Data can be transferred to auto phoropter

Portable Lensometer - I Optik TL 6800 Specifications

measurement rangeMinimum measuring value
Cylinder axis0~180°
Lens diameterΦ10mm~Φ119mm
Product size203(W)×233(D)×471(H)
Product weight4.5KG
Power supplyAC 110V~240V,50Hz~60Hz,35W

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