Rexxam Digital Photo Slit Lamp

Rexxam Slit Lamp At Best Price in India

Rexxam Digital Photo Slit Lamp

Rexxam RS 5000 Digital Photo Slit Lamp

The new Rexxam slit lamp RS series have high quality optics with versatile functionalities and are easy to use. The series consists of three models; RS-5000, RS-500 and RS-300.

Drastic improvements were applied to the device in order to achieve comfortable and smooth operation by newly designed joystick and ergonomic base design that ensures solid movement to the various desired positions. 

The newly designed main and background illumination control dials are designed to be easily and intuitively used with one hand. From the wide range of LEDs, we have chosen the LED which is closest to the conventional halogen light colour temperature.

RS-5000 and the RS-500 integrate seamlessly with Rexxam’s dedicated digital camera DCS-700 (optional accessory) for outstanding digital imaging possibilities with a press of the joystick button.

Overview Rs - 5000 & Rs - 500

LED light source

  • Similar colour temperature as Halogen
  • Consistent colour temperature at any illumination level
  • Low temperature of LED prevents tear film from vaporising
  • Cost and energy saving (Long life span and lower energy level)


Smooth rotatable drum with 5 step magnification,
6.4x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x

Flexible background illumination & Diffuser

The RS-5000/500 are both equipped with background illumination* and a diffuser that can be easily deployed. Beside the Cobalt Blue filter, both slit lamps also offer some options as follows:a Heat absorption filter,

Neutral density filter** and a Green (Red free) filter


  •  background illumination for RS-500 is option
  •  ND filter not available on RS-500

New combined illumination dials

The illumination dial is a unique feature of the RS-5000/500 combining the regulation of main and background illumination in the same position which allows one hand operation.

Integrated Yellow filter

The yellow filter is built in as standard, hich in combination with the cobalt-blue filter, assures an excellent high contrast e xamination of 4 the anterior surface.

Overview Rs - 300


The RS-300 is the most economical and practical solution in the RS series.

The RS-300 offers 3 step magnification 10x, 16x and 25x in combination with 13.5x eyepieces (13x, 21x and 33x in combination with 18x eyepieces*). The optical system is of the Galileo type with parallel oculars. The Field of view of 8-20mm is illuminated by an LED light source.

The RS-300 is a high quality slit lamp for primary operations, in any practice.


Rexxam Slit Lamp Specification

MicroscopeTypeGalileo type
5 step drum rotation3 step drum rotation
Conversion12 degrees
Eyepieces12.5x13.5x (18x optional)
Magnifications (Field of View)6.4x (37mm)

Diopter Adjustment Range±7D±5D
Pupillary Distance52-80mm45-81mm
Illumination SystemLight SourceLED
Slit Width0-15mm continuous
Slit Length0.5-15mm continuous
Slit Aperture Deameterφ0.2, φ1, φ3, φ5, φ8, φ15mm
Slit Tilt5, 10, 15, 20°
FiltersSelectableCobalt Blue, Heat absorption,
Green(Red free), ND
Cobalt Blue, Heat absorption,
Green(Red free)
Regular UseUV cut
Background IlluminationYesoptional
Fine Movementφ15mm(by Joystick)
Chin-rest Up-Down80mm
PowerPower VoltageAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption70VA50VA
DCS-700 CompatibilityYesNo
Standard AccessoriesDust Cover, Chin-rest Paper, Test Bar, Diffuser, Base Plate
*RS-5000/RS-500 only


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