Posterior Vitrectomy system

Oertli Faros

Making The Difference With The New Power Led

The Faros surgical platform enables eye surgery of the highest level while constantly remaining comfortable and intuitively operable. The precise flow control makes the surgeon’s work even simpler and safer than before.


The unique SPEEP pump makes both flow and vacuum easily controllable, which boasts unsurpassable fluidics as a result. The easyPhaco technology brings about unsurpassed chamber stability. 


The HF capsulotomy allows for an incredibly simple capsulorhexis. In addition, Faros has an integrated HFDS application for glaucoma surgery, the innovative continuous flow cutter for traction-free vitreous body removal. 


The latest Power LED technology with 45% more light power ensures optimised visualisation. Make the difference – with Faros by Oertli.


The compact platform for superior tasks

Oertli’s Faros device is the efficient and powerful surgical platform for cataract, vitrectomy and glaucoma surgery. The device boasts great perfection, versatility and innovative technology, as well as high user-comfort. Its exceptional functionality is found in a compact design.

SPEEP - speed and precision

The SPEEP pump* offers you more efficiency and precision in your cataract surgery through its precise control of flow and vacuum. With the SPEEP pump, you are given a highly effective tool for even easier, safer and more efficient work in your daily surgical routine.

Modulation according to the principle of the peristaltic pump

Perfect control of fluidics

Making best possible use of fluidics and physics has always been a distinct feature of Oertli that resulted in its establishment as an innovative leader in this sector of ophthalmology. In the Faros device, the impressive fluidics system is no doubt one of the key elements for the exceptional performance of this platform. 


It uses the laws of physics in a perfect manner and is therefore not dependable on complicated electronics and sensor systems prone to error. The perfect flow control of the peristaltic principle enables finest control and absolute precision. 


The overwhelming power of the pump creates high speed and suction power if required. Hygiene and absence of contamination are ensured at any time as a result of the closed pressure measuring system. 


The unique SPEEP pump makes both flow and vacuum easily controllable, which boasts unsurpassable fluidics as a result.

The powerful pedal

With the dual linear pedal of the Faros device, surgeons can rely on a sensitive, multifunctional and highly efficient control unit. The pedal absorbs all movements of your foot in a fatigue-free manner and boasts unsurpassed precision even with difficult manoeuvres. 


Moreover, it is a reliable control centre with an impressive range of functionality. You can easily define the commands of the pedal yourself – for example switching between programmes, modulation of ultrasound power output, activation of override or altering the height of the bottle. 


Thus, you can comfortably store and retrieve preferences of up to 50 surgeons.

Precise flow control

The perfect flow control of the peristaltic principle enables the finest degree of control and absolute precision. The outstanding high-performance capacity of the pump pro-vides for speed and suction power if required – by using easyPhaco in the anterior segment and by means of the Caliburn trocar system and the Continuous Flow Cutter in the posterior segment.


The unique SPEEP pump is based on a peristaltic pump system, but the roll can be turned in both directions. Both the flow (up to 50 ml/min) and the vacuum (up to 600 mmHg) can be precisely dosed by means of the SPEEP pump.


The pump wheel can be triggered instantaneously and offers very fine manipulation options both in the anterior and posterior segment. The surgeon can control the hold-ing power (vacuum) very precisely via the pedal. The flow can be set as a constant value in the SPEEP pump and is actively regulated during surgery by the Faros system.

easyPhaco technology

By making use of fluidics technology, easyPhaco enables immediate aspiration of the lens material and ensures perfect followability. Phaco machine provides unsurpassed chamber stability, efficient fragment aspiration and perfect emulsification. 

The unique design of the tips ensure unsurpassed chamber stability, while at the same time, incredibly high holdability can be felt. Aspiration of fragments runs efficiently and without any repulsions. Due to its distinct manufacturing quality, the easyPhaco handpiece is incredibly robust and durable.

HFDS® for modern MIGS surgery

HFDS stands for High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy. In micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), HFDS creates direct access from the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal and further into the sclera. 


The resistance of the trabecular meshwork is thus bypassed. The HFDS glaucoma tip is inserted through 1.2 mm paracentesis and, by means of diathermy output, it creates six small sclerotomy pockets in the iridocorneal angle, ensuring improved outflow of aqueous fluid.

Simple and safe operation

Irrespectively of whether it is cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery or glaucoma surgery – if surgeries are performed, there is no time left to struggle with complex menu structures or hard-to-handle operational processes. 


Interventions need to run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, the Faros surgical platform is fully and focused on user-friendliness. Entries and commands can be performed via pleasant tangible keys. 


Each of the carefully arranged command keys always has the same function, which can be activated instantly by key pressure. There is no faster or clearer way – this is DirectAccess.

Power LED technology

In vitrectomy surgery, it is essential the surgeon can see things clearly. At the same time, the patient’s eye should be strained as little as possible. The light sources generally used in eye surgery are LED, xenon, halogen and metal halide. 


Oertli relies on the LED technology that offers a perfect mixture for visualisation, contrast seeing and safety. Thanks to the new Power LED technology, the light power in the Faros has been increased by an additional 45% for optimal illumination and visualisation during all manoeuvres up to the periphery. 


Oertli relies on the LED technology that offers a perfect mixture for visualisation, contrast seeing and safety

Accessories of unique quality

As all Oertli devices, the Faros surgical platform is a closed system that does not only comprise perfectly suited instruments but also tailor-made device accessories. The handy instrument table offers a lot of space and can easily be placed aside if not needed. The transparent protective cover ensures the Faros is well protected from dust and dirt.


Everything that matches has come together in the Faros device. This applies to instruments to a particularly high degree. All instruments are perfectly integrated into the surgical system. 


The hand pieces of high-quality titanium are ergonomic master accomplishments that demonstrate tailor-made perfection in every respect. The Caliburn trocar systems are very sharp and enable excellent wound tightness. And, easyPhaco is a success story for itself.

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