Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

Ophthalmic Operating Surgical Microscope At Latest Price in India

Ophthalmic surgery needs to be very precise to handle delicate eye tissue carefully and use instruments accurately. The Ophthalmic surgical microscope is one of the key tools in eye surgery. It helps eye surgeons see tiny details clearly, allowing them to work with great precision and efficiency.

Surgical Microscope / Ophthalmic Microscope is a precision optical instrument with several interesting features. Because of its light-weight, compact design and size, it is highly preferred ophthalmic equipment by doctors. Made up of the most advanced technology, it is an excellent quality optical instrument with precise design and durability.

Lab Medica Systems offers a range of state-of-the-art ophthalmology microscopy solutions that support ophthalmic surgeons in achieving optimal patient outcomes in anterior and posterior segment surgery.We are a supplier of Karl Kaps SOM 62 Ophthal, Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope in India.

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope | Karl Kaps SOM 62 Ophthal

Kaps Surgical microscopes of the SOM® 62 series

The surgical microscopes of the SOM® 62 series are extremely space-saving and ideally equipped for surgical procedures on the eye – whether routine procedures or complex surgeries on the posterior eye.


Kaps relies on its proven modular system and offer almost unlimited equipment options, individually tailored to your requirement profile.

Surgical Microscope

SOM© 62 Ophthal Basic

Surgical Microscope

SOM© 62 Ophthal Basic +

Surgical Microscope

SOM© 62 Ophthal Advanced

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope Technical Specification

 SOM© 62 Ophthal BasicSOM© 62 Ophthal Basic +SOM© 62 Ophthal Advanced
Binocular tubeInclined tube 60°, f = 159 mmInclined tube 60°, f = 159 mmSwivel tube 0 – 210°, f = 182 mm
ObjectiveAPO f = 200 mmAPO f = 200 mmAPO f = 200 mm
EyepiecesEyepieces WF 10 x V with diopter compensation, Eyepieces WF 12.5 x V with diopter compensation (optional), Other on request
MagnificationApochromatic 5-step magnification changerApochromatic 5-step magnification changerApochromatic motorized zoom 1:6
Fine focusing40 mm motorized40 mm motorized40 mm motorized
XY-coupling50 x 50 mm50 x 50 mm
FilterSwing in retina protection filter GG 475 Swing in yellow filter
EyepiecesCoaxial cold light fiber optic illumination 15 V / 150 Watt with operational replacement lamp, retina protection filter GG 475, filter against IR and UV exposure
AccessoriesSOM© 62 Ophthal
Photo-/video documentationBeam splitter monolateral or bilateral

Beam splitter with c-mount connection, f = 54 mm

TV-tube with aperture f = 54 mm

Ikegami HD video camera (medical grade)

Second observer attachmentsBeam splitter bilateral, 50:50 and 80:20

Binocular assistant tube

Binocular inclined tube, f = 125 mm / swivel tube 0 – 210°, f = 182 mm

IEyepieces WF 10 x V with diopter compensation

OthersMonitor holder on swivel arm

Monitor 22″ (medical grade)

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