Eyevis Model RM-9200

Eyevis Model RM-920

An auto-refractor, also known as an optometer, is a machine that automatically figures out the right lens for your eyes. It’s a quick way to find any vision problems you might have, different from the usual eye exam method.

An auto refractometer / Keratometer is a machine used by eye doctors to check your vision. It quickly figures out the best lens strength you need for your glasses or contacts by shining a light into your eyes and measuring how it changes as it bounces back.

This helps the doctor know if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, making the process of finding your prescription faster and easier.

The Eyevis Model RM-9200 Auto Refractometer is a straightforward tool designed to measure the refractive error of your eyes—basically, it helps figure out the right prescription for your glasses or contacts.

This device automatically adjusts itself to get the best measurement of your eyes, ensuring the readings it gives are accurate.

 It’s a great choice for eye care professionals who need quick and reliable results during eye exams. With this device, checking your vision and getting you the right lenses becomes a much smoother and quicker process.

Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM 900

Eyevis Model RM-9200 Auto Refractometer Technical Specification

Touchscreen Monitor Size 5.7
Maximum Pupil Distance 28-85mm
Model Name/Number RM-9200
Refractive Index Range -0.25.00D to +22.00D
Weight 14 Kg
Power Supply 220V AC,50/60Hz
Axis Angle 1 to 180 degree ( 1 degree step )
Vertex Distance 0,12,13.75,15 mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2 mm
Brand Eyevis
Size 288x500x480 mm

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