Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM-9200

Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM-9200

An Auto refractometer, also known as an automated refractometer, is a computer-controlled machine that measures a person’s refractive error and generates a prescription for glasses or contact lenses during an eye examination. This is accomplished by observing how light changes when it enters the eye of a person. By measuring how light is altered as it reflects through the eyeball, an autorefractor is used to estimate an individual’s contact. For the patient, the procedure is quick and painless, and the data provides a baseline from which to calculate the proper eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Keratometers are now integrated with autorefractometers commonly known as Autorefractor Keratometer used to measure corneal curvature. corneal curvature determines the power of the cornea.


Touchscreen Monitor Size5.7
Maximum Pupil Distance28-85mm
Model Name/NumberRM-9200
Refractive Index Range-0.25.00D to +22.00D
Weight14 Kg
Power Supply220V AC,50/60Hz
Axis Angle1 to 180 degree ( 1 degree step )
Vertex Distance0,12,13.75,15 mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter2 mm
Size288x500x480 mm

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