Non Contact Tonometer

Non Contact Tonometer ​

Non Contact Tonometer - Eye Pressure Testing Machine

The Non Contact Tonometer (NCT) is an innovative eye pressure testing machine utilized primarily for glaucoma screening and monitoring. It measures the intraocular pressure (IOP) without direct contact, using a gentle puff of air to flatten the cornea momentarily.


This method offers a quick, painless assessment, making it highly favorable for patients. It’s especially useful for preliminary screenings in various healthcare settings.


Eliminating the need for eye contact enhances patient comfort compared to traditional tonometers. The non-contact tonometer ensures accurate measurements while reducing the risk of eye contamination and potential discomfort for patients.


Its non-invasive nature makes it a preferred choice for eye care professionals, providing reliable results in a comfortable and efficient manner.


An eye pressure testing machine, also known as tonometry, uses a special instrument called a non contact tonometer to measure the pressure within your eye.


During an eye pressure test, your optometrist will put some eye drops in your eye which contain a small amount of numbing medicine (anesthetic) and dye into the front of your eye.


Rexxam NCT 200 Non Contact Tonometer is a specific device used for measuring intraocular pressure without touching the eye. Lab Medica Systems is an imported, wholesaled, and supplier of this device and also specializes in ophthalmic equipment.

Digital Tonometer, Rexxam NCT 200 | Non Contact Tonometer, Eye Pressure Testing Machine

A digital tonometer, such as the Rexxam NCT 200, is a type of non-contact tonometer used for measuring intraocular pressure without the need to touch the eye.


This device offers a quick and painless method of assessing eye pressure, making it more comfortable for patients compared to traditional contact tonometers.


The Rexxam NCT 200 is commonly used in eye clinics and hospitals for conducting eye pressure testing.


New Generation DESIGN & STYLE

Exquisite detail and quality.Sophisticated shape combined with soft curves and the attractive color with high quality two-tone metallic and pearlescent paintwork which complements any interior and appeals atmosphere of trust to the customer.

puffing control system

Newly-developed smart puffing control system (S.P.C)

The S.P.C system, which includes our newly developed algorithm measurement engine, makes it possible to adjust air pressure instantly and precisely to match the patient’s intraocular pressure. It also keeps noise to a minimum and ensures soft air pressure.

Newly designed smart alignment & auto shot function

Smooth and accurate alignment function. Once aligned, air pulse and measurement commence automatically.

By keeping measurement time to a minimum, patient stress is reduced.

Reliability Warning Display

The warning mechanism displays an asterisk on the screen when measurement reliability is low.

  • display on the left

“Is the measurement point properly aligned?”

  • display on the right

“Is the patient’s eye opened wide?”

Convenient IOP correction function

The IOP value is corrected automatically by simply inputting the central corneal thickness. This can be done easily before or after measurement.

Three functions for superior safety

When the nozzle is too close to the patient’s eye, an alarm is triggered and the words “Too Close” appear on the monitor. In addition, the safety stopper function prevents contact with the patient’s eye.

Feather touch sensor button

The feather touch sensor button, designed for compatibility and interface with the screen, make our non-contact tonometer easy and reliable to operate.

Touch Sensor Button
Non Contact Tonometer LCD Monitor

Unique LCD Monitor

A swivel function to the left (30°) and a vertical tilt function (40°) have been added to the monitor unit. This swivel function allows measurement while supporting the patient.

Improved forehead and chin rests

Side flaps mounted to each side of the measurement window enabling to block out the light realizes high accuracy. The modified shapes of the forehead rest and the chin rest help to minimize stress of the patient

Non Contact Tonometer Joystick

New Joystick

The completely redesigned joystick with the shape and top button allows the operator to control the unit with more precise and instinctive movement.

Non Contact Tonometer Technical Specification

Intraocular pressure (IOP)
measurement range
Measurement resolution1mmHg/0.1kPa
Working distance11mm
TargetFixation light: green (blinking/non-blinking options)
Measurement start procedureManual, automatic
IOP correction functionWith a corneal thickness input function
Built-in monitor body5.7 inch color LCD monitor
Printerthermal line printer (paper width 58mm)
Power voltage/frequencyAC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption60VA
Power saving functionOFF, 3, 5, 10min. (selectable)
Data OutputRS-232C interface
Size(W) 240mm/(D) 422mm/(H) 430mm
Movement range of the measurement unit
Forward/backward ±22mm
Horizontal direction ±43mm
Vertical direction ±17mm
Movement range of the chin restvertical ±30mm
Movement range of LCD+30°swivel (left only),+40°tilt
Weightapprox. 13kg
Standard AccessoriesOperation Manual,Power cord,Printer paper,Fuse,Dust cover,Measuring nozzle cap,Paper covers for chin rest,Chin rest cover pin,Cotton swab

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