Corneal Specular Microscope Analyser

Specular Microscope Analyser

Specular Microscope For Corneal Disease

This modern specular microscope analyze the shape, size and population of the corneal endothelial cells. The specular microscope provides speedy analysis and accurate results. This device comes with full-auto, semi-auto and manual operation mode enabling convenient usage. We are Importer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Rexxam SPM 700 Specular Microscope in India.


A specular microscope is an instrument used to examine the endothelium of the cornea, which is the layer of the cornea in contact with the aqueous humor transfer. The specular microscope permits visualization and photography of the endothelium.


Specular microscope works on the basic principle of light reflection using a mirror: the angle of incidence is equal to that of reflection. As light passes through a media with higher index of refraction, most of it is reflected; this reflected light is captured by a detection lens.

Rexxam SPM 700 Specular Microscope

Specular microscope with easy operation and speedy analysis Easy, Speedy and Accurate


Continous Capturing of 16 Images

16 images are captured in 2 sec. with our unique zoom function and auto alignment function by touching paracenter area.

Full-auto, semi-auto and manual can be selected in the operation mode.

Speedy Analysis Function

After the measurements, the best image is selected automatically from 16 images. After selecting the best image, analysis is finished in 1 sec.

The image can be selected from 16 images manually.

Multiple Measurement Points

Total 17 measurement points including center, 6 in the paracenter and 10 in the periphery can be measurede in the range of 0.25mm by 0.55mm.

Corneal Thickness Measurement

It is possible to capture the endothelial cell and to take a measurement of corneal thickness at the same time.

Edit Function

This function enables to edit the contrast, brightness and analysis result of the endothelial cell image caputured. Also, it allows to remove cells, add/delete lines and divide/merge cells.

center method

frame method

2 Manual Analyses

There are 2 manual analyses, center method and frame method.

image of endothelial cell


Area display

Pleomorphism display

4 Types of Display Mode

The display mode can be selected from ①image of endothelial cell, ②trace display, ③area display and ④pleomorphism display.

Specular Microscope Display Mode

Wide Screen

10.4 inch wide color screen.

The swivel/tilt function allows the operator to support easily the patient during operation.

Electric Chinrest

It is easy to align the eye position of the patient with the eye mark.

Specular Microscope Electric Chinrest

Rexxam SPM 700 Specular Microscope​ Specification

Capturing of corneal endothelial cellCapturing positionCapturing range0.25mm×0.55mm(W×H)
Center1 point
Paracenter6 points(2,4,6,8,10 and 12 o’clock directions)
Periphery(optic angle:27 degrees)10 points(1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10,11 and 12 o’clock directions)
Measurement of corneal thicknessRange of corneal thickness measurement400 to 750μm(step:1μm)
Analysis parameter[Number] [cells]Number of endothelial cells
[CD] [cells/m㎡]Density of endothelial cells
[AVG] [μ㎡]Average endothelial cell area
[SD] [μ㎡]Standard deviation of cell area
[CV] [%]Coefficient of variation of cell area
[Max] [μ㎡]Max.cell area
[Min] [μ㎡]Min.cell area
[6A] [%]Rate of cell hexagonality
Monitor10.4 inch touch panel colored LCD(XGA)
PrinterThermal line printer (paper width 58mm)
External interfaceEthernet(10/100Mbps)×1、USB-A×2、USB-B×1
Source voltage/frequencyAC100V – 240V、50/60Hz
Power consumption90VA
Power saving functionOFF,3,5,10min. (switchable)
Standard AccessoriesOperation manual, Power cord, Printer paper, Fuse, Dust cover, Chinrest paper, Chinrest paper pin

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