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Combo Laser At Best price in India

MR Q Combo

MR Q Combo – Customised to your needs

The MR Q Combo is a combination package designed to save space and maximise treatment possibilities, including:

  • MR Q Nd:YAG laser featured renowned precision optics and an LED slit lamp. With 5 magnification steps from 6 × up to 40.
  • Merilas console – with a crystal detachable control panel. Swiss engineered, robust and aluminum made.
  • Slit lamp adapter and parking station – providing freedom and versatility.
  • Stable and robust twin column table.

A unique parking station protects the sensitive optics of the slit lamp adapter when the photocoagulator is not in use.

The slit lamp adapter fiber covered by a metallic coil protects the integrity of the laser delivery system.

The MR Q Combo specially designed slit lamp adapter ensures the safe handling of the two lasers.

Merilas shortpulse® delivers microsecond pulses for subthreshold retinal treatments.

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