A/B Scan Sonoptek SP-2000

A/B Scan Sonoptek SP-2000​ At Best Price in India

Sonoptek SP-2000

  • Compact Body, Light Weight.
  •  One Station Working Platform.
  •  Integrated Image Capture.
  •  Integrated Patient Management.
  •  Integrated Report Edit.

Sonoptek SP-2000 Technical Specifiaction


Module Ophthalmic Ultrasound B-scan Ophthalmic Biometry A-Scan
Features: USB Connection Integrated Image Capture Integrated Patient Database Integrated Report Editor


Scan Modes: Contact Immersion
Examination Modes: Normal Dense Cataract Aphakic Pseudophakic (PMMA, Acrylic, SlIicone)
Measurements: AXL, ACD, Lens and Vitreous Individual Segment Velocities Average and Standard Deviations for AXL, ACD,Lens& Vitreous
Specifications: Clinical Accuracy +-0.1mm Electrical Accuracy 0.0375mm IOL Calculation in 0.5D Increments
IOL Calculation Formulas:
Refractive: SRK-II SRK-T Binkhorst-II Holladay Hoffer-Q Halgls
Post-Refractive: Latkany Myopic Latkany Hyperopic Double-K/SRK-T


Scan Modes: B Mode B+A Mode B+B Mode
Features: Adjustable Zoom, Gain Variable Gain Control 256 Levels Gray Scale capture of Frames and Cline Loops Available Clinical Resolution: 0.2mm Clinical Resolution: 0.2mm
Probe: Transducer Frequency: 12.5MHz 53°Sector scanning Method
Optional: 20MHz FD 25mm for Posterior segment
Accuracy: 0.1MM
System Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

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