Sterlink FPS 15s

Sterlink FPS 15s 2

Home General Ophthalmology Sterlink FPS 15s Plasma Sterilizer At Best Price In India​ The world’s first small plasma sterilizer approved by the US FDA World first pouch-type fast sterilization with the patented direct sterilant injection technology from Plasmapp. Vacuum condition visualizes the sterile condition and prevents possible infection. Vacuum sealed pouch can be stored up […]

Auto lensmeter Model TL-6500

Auto Lens Meter TL 6500

Auto Lensmeter / Lensometer Home General Ophthalmology Lensmeter Auto Lensmeter / Lensometer Model TL-6500 At Best Price In India The Eyevis Auto Lensmeter / Lensometer Model TL-6500 is a cutting-edge optical instrument designed for precision and ease in measuring various lens parameters. This advanced model streamlines the process of lens verification, offering high accuracy in […]

Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM-9200

Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM-9200

Eyevis Model RM-9200 Home General Ophthalmology Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM-920 An auto-refractor, also known as an optometer, is a machine that automatically figures out the right lens for your eyes. It’s a quick way to find any vision problems you might have, different from the usual eye exam method.   An auto refractometer / Keratometer is […]

Non Contact Tonometer

Non Contact Tonometer

Non Contact Tonometer Home Glaucoma Non Contact Tonometer – Eye Pressure Testing Machine At Best Price In India The Non Contact Tonometer (NCT) is an innovative eye pressure testing machine utilized primarily for glaucoma screening and monitoring. It measures the intraocular pressure (IOP) without direct contact, using a gentle puff of air to flatten the […]

Single spot laser

Single Spot Laser

Home Glaucoma Merilas shortpulse 810 Merilas 810 deliver super laser quality and the fastest rise up time in the industry, its modern and innovating design its combined with industry standard laser indirect Ophthalmoscopy for the treatment of the retina. Download PDF Request Demo Download PDF Request Demo Merilas shortpulse 810 Accessory Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO) […]

Single spot laser photocoagulator

Single Spot Laser Photocoagulator

Home Retina Merilas α532 Award winning, fully featured frequency doubled solid state green laser photocoagulator.   The Merilas α532, a cutting-edge single-spot green laser photocoagulator, is specifically designed for ophthalmological applications.    It plays a crucial role in addressing various retinal conditions, including diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.    By emitting a green light […]

Multispot laser photocoagulator

Multispot Laser Photocoagulator

Multispot Laser Photocoagulator Home Retina Multispot Laser Photocoagulator ​At Best Price In India 5G 532 Multispot laser The 5G is a fully featured multispot laser designed to work with slit lamps, laser indirect ophthalmoscope or endoprobes. Its powerful continuous wave 532 nm laser cavity allows the surgeon to perform almost any retinal laser treatment.   […]

Fundus Camera


Home Retina Fundus Camera At Best Price In India Fundus Camera FC 162 -Mediworks Get to know the retina Eyes are the windows of soul and also the only non-invasive way to inspect retina, choroid, blood vessels, nerves and so on.   FC162 captures binocular fundus images in a fully automatic way( auto alignment, auto […]

A/B Scan

A B Scan Sonoptek SP-2000

A/B Scan Sonoptek SP-2000 Home Retina A/B Scan Sonoptek SP-2000​ At Best Price in India Sonoptek SP-2000 Compact Body, Light Weight.  One Station Working Platform.  Integrated Image Capture.  Integrated Patient Management.  Integrated Report Edit. Download PDF Request Demo Sonoptek SP-2000 Technical Specifiaction General Module Ophthalmic Ultrasound B-scan Ophthalmic Biometry A-Scan Features: USB Connection Integrated Image […]

Posterior Vitrectomy system

Oertli Faros 4

Home Retina Oertli Faros Making The Difference With The New Power Led The Faros surgical platform enables eye surgery of the highest level while constantly remaining comfortable and intuitively operable. The precise flow control makes the surgeon’s work even simpler and safer than before.   The unique SPEEP pump makes both flow and vacuum easily […]