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We are Leading lensmeter Importer, Wholesaler & Supplier in India. A lensmeter or lensometer is an instrument used to verify the prescription of eyeglasses or spectacles. Many lensmeters can also verify the power of contact lenses with the addition of a special lens support. The values obtained from a lensmeter are the values specified on the patient's eyeglass prescription: sphere, cylinder, axis, add, and in some cases, prism. It is commonly used prior to an eye examination to obtain the last prescription the patient was given, in order to expedite the examination. In one commonly used type of lensmeter the target seen through the eyepiece consists of a set of three wide lines with wide spacing between them and another set of three narrow lines with smaller spacing between them. These two sets of lines intersect at right angles. The closely spaced lines represent the sphere component of lens power and the thicker, widely spaced lines represent the cylinder power. In the case of a spherical lens, all of the lines of the target will focus at the same time, while in the case of a sphero-cylindrical lens, the lines will focus separately at different power drum readings (see illustration).


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