Use Of An Auto Refractometer Machine

Use of Auto refractometer

What is an Autorefractor?

An auto refractometer machine determines your prescription by measuring how light reflects through your eye. The process is quick and painless, providing the essential data to find the right eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

How Does an Auto Refractometer Machine Work?

The autorefractor shines light into the eye and measures how it changes when it bounces off the back of the eye. Then, the patient looks at an image that moves in and out of focus. Several measurements are taken to determine when the eye is properly focused. These final measurements determine the level of vision correction needed.


Unlike many traditional devices, some autorefractors use wavefront technology, analyzing multiple focal points of light to create a detailed refraction map. This method measures not only basic refraction errors but also provides a detailed map of the eye’s refraction.

Type of Auto Refractometer Machine

Eyevis Model RM-9200 Auto Refractometer

Auto Refractometer Eyevis Model RM 900

I Optik
Auto Refractometer

ARK-910 Auto Refractometer / keratometer

Auto Refractometer

rexxam auto refractrometer