Rexxam DR 900

An interface Desigh Realizing Smooth Communication and Superb Operability.

Speedy, Smooth & Silent

High quality and ultra-reliable optical parts allow faster, smoother and quieter measurement through the high-precision mechanism design, featuring a sequential-control lens rotating unit. This refractor is based on a human-interface design, prioritizing user-friendliness e.g. by focusing on operation "noise".

Smart & Slim

The head unit incorporates all required optical functions as well as enabling a smart, slim and compact design. Smooth and comfortable measurement is possible without exposing patients to any feeling of pressure.

High-speed Silent Head

With a high-precision optical mechanism installed in the head unit. Achieving unrivalled speed and smooth and noiseless motion, lets you measure patients instantly without tiring them out.

Wide Field of View

The head unit was designed to be as slim as possible, based on the layout and tuning of the lens unit and retaining the lens diameter. This achieves abrighter and wider field of view (40°).


Sophisticated detail and quality. A stylish form and color that match various spaces.Classy two-tone metallic & pearl coating, combined with a sharp design, which also features smooth curves, reflects its high quality and reliability for users.

Near-point Chart

A near-point chart for presbyopic eyes can be attached to DR-900.

LED Illumlnation

The DR-900 incorporates LED illumination in the head unit, which illuminates the near-point chart and allows measurement in dark places.

Connective Relay BOX

Transformers to connect the head unit, control unit and power supply are integrated in a compact box. Cables are neatly fitted by placing onnectors on the same side, even when the refractor is used with a refractometer and a lensmeter.

Simply & Easy Operation

facilitate “intuitive” use for the operator and offer various measurement methods, the touch panel input and jog dial/button (keyboard) input are divided.

Flexible and free operation via parallel input is also available. A large touch panel with good visibility and simple, easily selectable touch buttons allow easy and "intuitive" operation without a manual by adding operating "sounds".

Jog Dial/Operation Buttons

A jog dial integrating a dial and Enter key allows the direct selection of "Select", "Adjust" and "Enter" functions.

The jog dial/buttons have shapes and touch that enable touch typing and focus on the operational feeling in every detail.

Compact Body/Printer with an automatic cutter

The printer is placed on a rear surface to enable a compact and space-saving design. Paper is easily replaced by inserting new rolls into the printer.

Free measurement position

The touch panel can be tiltted up to 80 degrees. You can measure comfortably whether standing or sitting. The keyboard panel is designed to be slim to avoid interfering with operation.

Multi Interface Design

The operation screen of the LCD touch panel has a user-friendly layout and color plan and designed to divide the screen into three display areas to organize information.

Basic Display

The part currently selected is displayed in orange.

Screen Input

Number input is available by displaying the numeric panel on screen, which facilitates changing large numbers.

Interface Display

This information is displayed on the left side when the device is interfaced with a PC, refractometer, and lensmeter.

Memory Function

A memory function capable of saving several types of measurement data.

This is useful when measuring patients who use multiple pairs of glasses.

SPHERICAL POWER Measurement range -28.750 to27.25D
Measurement unit 0.12D,025D, 0.50D,1.00D
CYLINDRICAL POWER Measurement range 0D to ±6.00D
Measurement unit 0.25D,1.00D
AXIS Measurement range 0°to 180°
Measurement unit 1°5°
Measurement range 48.0mmto 80.0mm
Measurement unit 0.5mm 1mm
PRISM DEGREE Measurement range 0Δ to 20Δ
Measurement unit 0.1Δ 0.5Δ, 1Δ
PRISM ANGLE Measurement range 0° to 360°
Measurement unit 1°,5°
VERTEX DISTANCE 12,13.75,16,18mm
CROSS CYLINDER Auto cross cylinder( ±0.25D)
±0.25D croos cylinder, ±0.50D cross cylinder
AUXILIARY LENS P,D,occluder,foraminous board(φ1mm)、polarization filter(45°/135°)
Red Maddox(right eye:horizon,left eye: vertical),R/G filter(right eye:red filter,left eye:green filter), dispersing prism(right eye:6ΔBU,left eye:10BI),lenses for retinoscope(+1.50D/+2.00)
PRINTER Thermal line printer with an automatic cutter
MONITOR 10.4 inch LCD monitor
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS Head 385 to 417mm(W) × 112mm(D) × 308mm(H)
Controller 272mm(W) × 272mm(D) × 204mm(H)
Relay box 326mm(W) × 119mm(D) × 83mm(H)
WEIGHT Head Apporoximately 5.3kg
Controller Approximately 2.5kg
Relay box approximately 2.4kg
RATED SUPPLY AC100 to 240V,50/60Hz
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Communication cable
Power cord
Printer paper
Near point chart
Near point holder
Near point chart bar
Dust cover
Operation manual

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